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Sergio Ramos refused to sign Real Madrid shirts

A Real Madrid record 700 appearances were made by Sergio Ramos.

Sergio Ramos was seen signing multiple jerseys for a fan in a newly leaked video, however, he turned down the fan when he wanted Ramos to autograph one of the defender’s old Real Madrid shirts. Some people were outraged when the 37-year-old declined to autograph the shirt. He later came forth to defend his choice not to autograph the jersey.

Sergio Ramos was a Real Madrid player for 16 years, earning five La Liga and four Champions League titles and great performances for the Spanish national team, who won the 2010 World Cup, before leaving the club to join Paris Saint-Germain in 2021. This summer, he returned to his previous club Sevilla.

In the video, Sergio Ramos signed various shirts for a fan but declined to sign a Real Madrid shirt, distancing himself from his former club. Despite being a legend there, he swiftly moved on. Ramos later explained on social media that he had already signed several Royal White shirts for the fan and didn’t want them auctioned. Hence, he chose not to sign another one.

Ramos explained on his X account and said: “Before that moment I had already signed about 6 Real Madrid shirts. And then there are people who auction them or sell them on the internet.

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Sergio Ramos retiring from Sevilla

Sergio Ramos. (Source: 433)
Sergio Ramos. (Source: 433)

Sergio Ramos, the experienced Real Madrid defender, will return to Sevilla in the summer of 2023 after an 18-year absence. Ramos, 37, began his career at Sevilla before moving on to Real Madrid. Ramos will be hoping to end Sevilla‘s wretched streak since the start of the season.

Ramos had a spectacular success with Real Madrid, winning 22 major awards, including five La Liga and four UEFA Champions League crowns. Notably, he played an important role in all four UEFA Champions League triumphs, earning a berth in the Squad of the Season each time. His influence extended to La Liga, where he became one of the league’s best defensive goal scorers.

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