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Chelsea and Manchester City might face Premier League Relegation

Chelsea and Manchester City face Premier League RELEGATION THREAT in ongoing FFP probe.

A former Manchester City finance advisor believes that relegation may actually happen if City and Chelsea are punished for breaking finance Fair Play (FFP) regulations, in light of Everton’s 10-point punishment. Over 115 complaints have been filed against Manchester City for violating FFP standards, whereas Chelsea’s problems are related to their former owner, Roman Abramovich.

The attorney who represented Manchester City, Stefan Borson, said that Everton’s point deduction was excessive. He also hinted that Manchester City and Chelsea would be demoted from the Premier League if this penalty becomes the norm for violating financial regulations. Man City is being charged with 115 offenses for violating financial regulations pertaining to contractors and sponsors, and Chelsea is being looked at for payments made abroad that benefited the team.

In a further clarification, Stefan Borson tweeted that he thought Chelsea should immediately reevaluate if they were to receive a fine as a cost of doing business, given the severity of the sports suspension. He had previously discussed Manchester City’s case when the accusations were first made, saying: “The sheer extent of the PL charges is at a level that IF found proven, must lead to relegation.”

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Everton hit with 10 points deduction by the Premier League

Sean Dyche. (Source: B/R Football)
Sean Dyche. (Source: B/R Football)

Everton has been docked 10 points, the largest punishment in Premier League history, for violating FFP criteria. Now that they have just four points, the Toffees have fallen to 19th place.

The hearing commission has revealed that Everton’s price-to-sales ratio lost £124.5 million, more than the £105 million maximum allowed by the Premier League. Everton has already started the process of appealing the ruling above in response.

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