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Denis Zakaria gets a bid from Monaco

Denis Zakaria, who spent last season on loan at Chelsea and is currently a Juventus midfielder is in demand this summer. After talks of West Ham showing interest in the midfielder, another new club entered the race. French side Monaco has submitted a bid to sign Zakaria. Denis Zakaria currently features in the Juventus side, is sidelined for the United States tour and is currently back in Turin with other players who aren’t a part of the squad. Reports don’t claim the financial terms of the bid but say that there is concrete interest from Monaco since their new manager, Adi Hütter, worked with Zakaria back during their time at Borussia two years ago. Denis Zakaria has a handful of clubs at present to choose his next run in his career.

West Ham is under threat after Monaco submitted their bid for Zakaria

West Ham is one of the clubs this summer that showed interest in the Juventus midfielder. The 26-year-old Swiss midfielder played his last season for Chelsea on loan and is now one of the numerous midfield targets this summer. Reports over the past week claim that West Ham have negotiated with Juventus to sign Zakaria for €20 million. But the delay in West Ham triggered Monaco’s interest to submit their bid for the Swiss midfielder. Zakaria had quite a couple of clubs to choose whether to return to the Premier League to right the wrongs during his loan stint at Chelsea.

He would also be managed by the guy under whom he had his last good run of form prior to signing with Juventus. Denis Zakaria who is now on demand started off his career with Servette in the year 2014 and later on moved to Young Boys. He made 50 appearances in the Swiss Super League scoring two goals. He was then picked by Borussia Monchengladbach and made 146 Bundesliga appearances.

He scored 11 goals for Borussia Monchengladbach after which he was picked by Juventus in the 2021 season. In the two seasons with Juventus, he made 11 appearances and scored once. He also played Premier League for Chelsea on loan making seven appearances but is goalless for Chelsea.

He is recently in talks with quite a few clubs which includes West Ham and most recently Monaco. West Ham will bring him back to his Premier League career while Monaco will let him continue his Ligue 1 journey. It’s now up to him to choose his next journey with the new club.

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