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Lionel Messi’s Argentina moved the WC qualifier venue over Taylor Swift

Swift's concert was attended by cheers for Lionel Messi.

Widely followed The Argentina World Cup qualifier between Lionel Messi and Uruguay had to be moved from El Monumental to La Bombonera stadium due to pressure from American pop singer Taylor Swift. With the success of the 33-year-old’s “Eras Tour,” it appears that even the World Cup champions had to make way for the singer.

Fans flocked to stadiums months in advance to secure the best tickets, with Taylor Swift’s debut show in Argentina drawing enormous crowds on her five-continent world tour. But the fact that she had to postpone her performance because of inclement weather at El Monumental might affect where the next match is held. Taylor is leaving for her next concert in Brazil, and the Argentine National Team is leaving as well, preparing to play Brazil in the FIFA World Cup Qualification.

Brazil has struggled in the qualification campaign, picking up just seven points from five games, while Argentina has had a great start. They’re dealing with injuries, and Casemiro and Neymar Jr. are particularly absent. Brazil has lost two and got only one tie in their last three games. They must significantly improve if they are to overcome their difficulties, especially in light of the fact that Argentina, their opponents, recently suffered their first loss since the World Cup about a year ago.

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Lionel Messi’s was cheered at Taylor Swift’s concert

Lionel Messi and Sabrina Carpenter. (Source: B/R Football)
Lionel Messi and Sabrina Carpenter. (Source: B/R Football)

When Taylor Swift visited Argentina, the eight-time Ballon d’Or was not there, but he was artistically commemorated on the occasion. The El Monumental audience cheered loudly when Sabrina Carpenter sang her hit song “Nonsense” during the performance and included the player’s name in the lyrics. After she added, “He’s having a ball he calls me Messi,” Sabrina Carpenter captured the attention of the audience right away.

“Sabrina Carpenter” :

Por eso que la artista aprovechó para nombrar a Messi en la última noche de Taylor Swift en Argentina, deslumbrando.

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