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Neymar Jr. pays a heartfelt tribute to friend and TV star Luana Andrade

The tragic death of Luana Andrade broke Neymar's heart.

Neymar Jr. felt devastated by the untimely death of online sensation Luana Andrade. The death of Luana Andrade, a 29-year-old Brazilian influencer, has saddened social media. The online sensation was well-known for her roles in TV dramas such as Power Couple 6, and Domino Legal, and for her upbeat Instagram postings and stories. She had over 500K followers and was the creator of her apparel line, LUKAND.

According to sources, the young influencer died unexpectedly as a result of complications during surgery. Her most recent social media photo shows her in her gym, captioned “At my favourite place in sp.” Following her death, various celebrities expressed their condolences and sadness. Neymar Jr., a Brazilian international and Al-Hilal star, also expressed his sympathies for his late friend.

“Secondly, the death of a friend,” Neymar wrote on Instagram. The player also expressed sympathy to her family. Neymar Jr. wrote in a touching letter to his late friend, “May God receive her with open arms.” According to the hospital in Sao Luiz, Andrade died from “pulmonary embolism.”

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Neymar Jr. will undergo ACL surgery following his terrible injury

Neymar Jr. (Source: Twitter/433)
Neymar Jr. (Source: Twitter/433)

Neymar Jr. , the Brazilian football sensation, just underwent surgery to repair ACL and meniscus tears in his left knee, which he incurred during a play against Uruguay in October. The surgery attempted to repair the injury’s harm.

The recovery time after surgery has not been formally established. According to ESPN, the Brazilian Football Confederation’s (CBF) medical team is optimistic about Neymar’s potential return for the 2017 Copa América.

Neymar’s participation in the Copa América remains questionable, since the recovery period after such surgeries can range from six months to a year, emphasising the difficulty in forecasting his return to competitive activity.

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