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Lionel Messi’s response to the question involving his competition with Ronaldo

The FIFA Ballon D’or 2023 was awarded to none other than Argentine star – Lionel Messi for his wonderful performances throughout the last season and year in particular. The no.10 took the world by surprise as he won his eighth Ballon D’or of his illustrious career so far. The player after having won the award much to everyone’s expectations was asked several questions, one of which involved his competition with Ronaldo in terms of the number of Ballon D’ors. Messi’s answer was one that has got everybody talking about his humble nature.

Messi says that the competition between him and Ronaldo benefitted both of them

One of the journalists questioned Messi with regards to his competition with Cristiano Ronaldo being finished at this point of time. The journalists asked,“You have now won the eighth and you have three more than Cristiano Ronaldo. So is the competition over?”.

Messi in his response made it clear that his rivalry with Ronaldo was nothing other than that of sheer beauty and memories. He also let everyone know that the competition between him and Cristiano helped him push himself even further in terms of the performances on the pitch.

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Messi said,“It was an epic competition between brackets. Athletically, he was very good and I think we benefited from each other because we are both very competitive and he also always wants to win over everyone and everything. I think it was a very beautiful period for us and for those who love football in general. What we have done all this time is very appreciable because as they say it is easy to reach the top but difficult to stay. We stayed at the top for ten or fifteen years, I’m not sure how many, and it was very difficult. It was very difficult to continue at this level and I think it was a great thing and a beautiful memory for everyone who enjoys football.”

Messi’s performances haven’t taken a hit despite his turning 36 this year. The Argentine genius hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. His Portuguese mate, Cristiano Ronaldo too has been absolutely at the peak of his powers in the Saudi Pro League recently. It remains to be seen at to how long do these two teams of the game are able to continue their wonderful journey on the football pitch for.

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