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Shakira throws Shade at ex Gerard Pique in Latin Grammys speech

The couple spent 11 years together.

Shakira, a Colombian musician, took many jabs at former Barcelona player Gerard Pique during the recent Latin Grammy Awards, demonstrating that she was not forgetting about her ex-partner. Shakira, who was nominated in seven categories, won “Song of the Year” and was seen on the red carpet with three prizes.

Shakira could not resist making another jab at Gerard Pique, after previously making fun of the musician with a “diss track” on the player and a cameo from the “nanny” in her music video who revealed Gerard Pique’s infidelity to her. Sergio Ramos, a competitor at the club level and a former Spanish colleague of Pique, presented Shakira with the prize for one of the categories.

Many people read Shakira’s most recent remarks as subtly disparaging her ex-partner, whom she credits for helping her through difficult times. She seemed to be referring not just to Gerard Pique but also to his pals, who called her “The Boss” because of what they saw as her “bad attitude.” Her fans overwhelmingly backed her when she released songs with the same title, repeating the well-known statement her ex-partner acknowledged: “You traded a Rolex for a Casio”.

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Shakira displayed her amazing collection of outfits at the starry night

Shakira. (Source: Twitter/Shakira Amor)
Shakira. (Source: Twitter/Shakira Amor)

Shakira, who is well-known for her “seductive” wardrobe selections, wowed the audience with both her performances and ensemble. Shakira dressed in four distinct clothes that evening, each with a specific job assigned to her.

She wore a gorgeous black and gold corset when she arrived at the event, then for the red carpet, she changed into a gold Dolce & Gabbana outfit. She sang “Acróstico,” a song she wrote especially for her children, before going for a bolder appearance in a stunning bodysuit for her performance of “Hips Don’t Lie.” As the evening came to a conclusion, Shakira flaunted her trim form in a chic green outfit.

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