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Paparazzi stormed Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo outside a restaurant

Antonela's gorgeous black gown astonished many on the night.

Lionel Messi and his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, were swarmed by cameras when they were seen leaving a restaurant in Miami. Messi and his wife were joined by former Barcelona and Inter Miami colleague Sergio Busquets and his partner, Elena Galena.

Messi was attending the premium Asian restaurant ‘Sexy Fish’ with his wife during his off-season holiday. The winner of the 2022 World Cup wants to spend some quality time away from the pitch during the off-season. He spent almost 2 hours worth of time at the restaurant with his teammate and close friend Busquets, and with his sister, Maria. Meanwhile, Antonela took advantage of the opportunity to show off her fashionable clothes. She left many stunned with her revealing black dress on the night.

Even though the star-studded meal was supposed to be secret, fans and paparazzi observed Messi and his wife exiting the restaurant. As the media encircled them, taking photographs and films, they immediately became the center of attention.

One ‘X’ user commented, “Not the Oscars red carpet! just Lionel Messi who enjoyed dinner in Miami on Friday night with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, at the luxury restaurant”

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Lionel Messi is spending quality time with his family in the off-season

Lionel Messi with his son. (Source: ESPN)
Lionel Messi with his son. (Source: ESPN)

The ex-Barcelona legend’s Friday night outing was just one of many. Lionel Messi is enjoying his first off-season in the United States after making his debut for David Beckham’s Inter Miami this past season. He recently appeared in Argentina’s 2026 World Cup qualifier games.

Messi recently dined out with his wife and Inter Miami colleagues in Miami. He had already visited Disney World in Florida with his wife and three boys. Despite his efforts to remain anonymous, admirers immediately recognized him. He was spotted driving a pink sports car on the Disneyland Paris racetrack earlier in October.

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