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“CITY FANS ARE PLASTIC FANS” – Pep Guardiola urges Manchester City fans to support the team during the tough times

If found guilty of FFP violations, City may be relegated to the EFL Championship.

Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, has asked club supporters to demonstrate their support for the squad, speculating that the team’s excellent run in Europe may come to an end eventually. The Citizens have also been accused of breaking Premier League financial regulations, which adds to the club’s problems.

Pep Guardiola is concerned that the joyful mood at the Etihad has dwindled this season, believing that fans have taken City’s steady performances in recent years for granted. The Spaniard emphasized the significance of supporters’ unwavering support for the squad, suggesting that the team’s winning streak may not extend indefinitely. Only the supporters may be able to boost them back up and motivate them to persevere in such a predicament.

Since winning five Premier League titles in the previous six seasons, City has never failed to excite its fans. This comes on top of winning the Champions League last season. So, while the Spaniard recognizes that consistency might vary, he encourages fans to remain optimistic. Guardiola also showed confidence in the present team.

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Pep Guardiola was trolled by fans of his rival team

Pep Guardiola. (Source: BBC)
Pep Guardiola. (Source: BBC)

The City manager appeared to be concerned about the club’s declining support, as he urged fans to continue supporting the squad in good times and bad. He forewarned club supporters about the team’s future, warning that ‘difficult moments’ are unavoidable. Although City fans backed the manager, opposing fans mocked him for ‘begging’ in front of the club’s followers to show greater support for their favorite side.

One user joked that Guardiola is concerned that if Manchester City is found guilty of financial wrongdoing, they would be demoted to the Championship. The following are some of the fans’ reactions:

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