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Manchester City and the Premier League have agreed on a trial date for about 115 breaches

The court's decision might be released as early as 2025.

Manchester City is due to stand trial as part of an ongoing investigation into 115 alleged violations of Premier League financial rules and regulations. The trial date has been set for late fall 2024, as City faces the possibility of a points deduction.

The Premier League and Manchester City may have agreed on a date for presenting their arguments to an independent panel on the club’s 115 alleged financial breaches. It will be remembered as the most important hearing in Premier League history. Man City was accused of the violations in February 2023, following a nearly 5-year investigation by authorities that began in 2018.

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, must now be dealing with a new issue, as the team threatens to lose points and be relegated from the Premier League if found guilty of the allegations. The claims against City include fraudulent financial reporting and insufficient cooperation, as well as arbitrary player purchases in violation of Financial Fair Play guidelines. Since the 2009-10 season, the Sky Blues have been accused of misconduct.

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Manchester City’s concerns have escalated

Pep Guardiola. (Source: ESPN)
Pep Guardiola. (Source: ESPN)

Manchester City officials are concerned after Everton received a 10-point punishment for violating Premier League and UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules. Following the deduction, Everton fell into the relegation zone with only four points.

Everton was fined by the Premier League for violating financial regulations. In three years, they lost £124 million, surpassing the £105 million limit. The study uncovered dubious transfer practices to avoid relegation.

Chelsea and Manchester City are now being investigated for financial irregularities. Chelsea is facing allegations from the Roman Abramovic period, and both clubs are at risk of losing points and being relegated.

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