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David de Gea sparks controversy following Manchester United’s defeat to Newcastle

David de Gea responds with a chilly face emoji as Manchester United loses 1-0 to Newcastle.

Andre Onana has recently come under scrutiny for his poor form. The Cameroonian custodian has made several errors in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, costing Manchester United points. As Onana and United failed to maintain another clean sheet, a former player sent out an ominous tweet.

David de Gea, United’s No. 1 the previous season, sent a cryptic tweet following the Red Devils’ 1-0 loss to Newcastle United. The tweet had only a single chilly face emoji and received 10.6 million views and 109 thousand likes. Dani Lorenzo, a streamer on de Gea’s Esports squad, responded with a side-eye emoji, to which the Spanish custodian responded with a GIF of the iconic anime character Naruto.

Fans speculated on what the mysterious post may indicate in the comments. Many assumed this remark was in retaliation to his successor’s poor performance, who is already facing criticism from United supporters. Others were surprised that the keeper would post anything like this, and many wondered whether it was a spoof account. Manchester United dismissed David de Gea when his contract expired in June 2023. He has not joined another club since and continues to stay in Manchester. Many clubs approached him for his services throughout the summer, but it appears that none of them came to fruition.

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David de Gea will be signing for a club soon?

David de Gea. (Source: ESPN)
David de Gea. (Source: ESPN)

David de Gea is still a free agent, but he works out every day to convince potential suitors that he is ready to play. Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and many other European clubs were interested in signing the 33-year-old, but there has been no more word.

Saudi clubs like as Al Nassr and Al Hilal sought the goalie, but he declined their offers. According to sources, money isn’t an issue for the Spaniard custodian, who wants to play in Europe. According to The Sun, his previous club, Manchester United, is interested in recruiting him on a short-term contract. This rumor arose since Onana has been scheduled to compete in the African Cup of Nations since January.

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