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Stunning photos from Cristiano Ronaldo’s couple work-out sessions leave fans in awe

The iconic couple, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez has has five children.

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s girlfriend, posted an Instagram story of her and him standing in the gym after a workout session. After all these years, the Al-Nassr forward famed for his discipline and work ethic has demonstrated that his dedication to fitness has not altered.

Georgina Rodriguez published a snapshot from her private gym with her 52 million Instagram followers, revealing their exercise routine. This Argentine influencer frequently posts gym photos, but this time she included her renowned partner, with whom she joyfully posed.

This is not the first time the couple has shared a workout together, as Cristiano Ronaldo released a small movie on ‘X’ in 2019 in which the footballer was doing Russian twists while wife Georgina jogged on the treadmill. They have shared solo images of themselves on social media on multiple occasions, with many people believing that the photo was taken by their significant other.

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Twitter reacts as Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez pose for a gym photo 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gerogina Rodiguez. (Source: Twitter)
Cristiano Ronaldo and Gerogina Rodiguez. (Source: Twitter)

It didn’t take long for Cristiano’s followers to spread the image of ‘X,’ as the player has a massive fanbase all over the world. Many people are still amazed that the Portuguese player was 38 years old, given his remarkable physique. Georgina‘s active lifestyle was also praised by fans, who called the duo the “Hottest couple in the sporting world.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for his thorough routine, which was first reported in 2020. He sleeps five hours a day and eats six times a day, with fish being his main source of nutrition. Along with this, he gets eight hours of sleep per night and works out hard in the gym, swimming, and pilates.

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