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Post Malone performs in Neymar Jr’s Al Hilal shirt

Post Malone is Neymar Jr. big fan.

Post Malone, an American rapper and musician, has captured the attention of football fans worldwide. The 28-year-old is well-known for his music, but he recently became famous on football Twitter after being caught wearing an Al-Hilal home jersey with Neymar’s name on the back. The singer was dressed in an Al-Hilal jersey, jorts, and sneakers.

Videos from the concert show the singer in his element, enthralling his audience. Fans noticed a familiar jersey on the rapper as he was performing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. While the majority of people were enjoying the event at Kingdom Arena, football fans were snapping photos of the celebrity wearing their favorite star’s shirt.

Despite the fact that Post Malone has previously performed while wearing a Brazilian shirt, there has been no public link between the two personalities. Neymar Jr. signed Al-Hilal from PSG for €90 million, making him one of the league’s most expensive players. With various costly terms in his contract, he makes close to $1.7 million each week.

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Fans react to Post Malone performing in Neymar Jr’s Al Hilal shirt

Post Malone. (Source: ESPN)
Post Malone. (Source: ESPN)

On November 17th, the American rapper and vocalist performed for a Saudi audience at Kingdom Arena. Fans were ecstatic when they saw an Al-Hilal shirt, and even more so when they saw Neymar Jr.’s. Despite the fact that the footballer and the artist have no relationship, people have begun to speculate about the rationale for his shirt choice. An admirer added, ‘Saudi money must hit,’ referring to the lavish amount of money that goes into everything in Saudi Arabia.

Neymar is out for the foreseeable future after sustaining an ACL injury against Uruguay in October. He has yet to score in the Saudi Pro League and has only appeared in five games. Post Malone’s next show will take place in Western Springs, New Zealand.

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