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Luka Modric has his say on his current situation at Real Madrid

Croatian legend – Luka Modric has undoubtedly been one of Real Madrid’s most impactful players in their recent past. The player has been an integral part of the team, thereby helping the team achieve major successes over the past several years on a regular basis. The player however has been under some sort of question with his increasing age. Modric this had his views on his current position in the team and how he feels about it.

Modric is keen to have gametime and not be out in the times to come

Luka Modric who has been going strong even at the age of 38 has been absolutely brilliant on the pitch. The player with the passage of time and an increasing age, has not shown any major signs of decline under any circumstances. What is of greatest surprise to everyone is his keen desire to continue thriving on the football pitch at the top level even now after such a long and tiring career at the senior level.

Modric said,”“I don’t want to be out… I just want to play, if necessary every 3 days, because I feel physically well”.“Everything that happens around me is a normal process so I simply accept it like that. I have to mentally prepare for this situation. Accept and move on”.

The physical and mental aspects of a player equally play a crucial role in his performances and longevity on the football pitch is certainly true. Player’s like Modric who have strong determination to prove their worth on the field irrespective of their age and situations are realy rare to find. The midfield maestro has played 497 matches for the team across all competitions scoring 37 goals and providing 77 assists. It remains to be seen as to whether the 38 year old is able to continue his magic on the field despite his increasing age or not.


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