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Live Euro 2024 draw sabotaged by infamous sex noise

During the live Euro 2024 draw, the s*xual moaning sound was played for three teams.

The draw for any sport is important business, especially when it comes to national teams. However, David Silva, Julian Nagelsmann, and many others in the audience for the Euro 2024 draw in Hamburg on December 2nd couldn’t help but laugh when the live broadcast was interrupted by one of the internet’s most renowned pranks- the moaning sound’/s*x sounds.

When the word ‘Switzerland’ was called, the infamous ‘ moaning sound’ began to play loudly in the background. This elicited smirks from everyone on stage, while the crowd gaped in bewilderment. Giorgio Marchetti, the Deputy General Secretary in charge of the draw, acknowledged the noise and appeared happy that it had ceased.

Much to his chagrin, the clamor began anew as Italy’s name was revealed. It paused for 10 seconds before restarting when the Serbia National Team was drawn. Some of the biggest personalities in the audience couldn’t help but stare at each other awkwardly and silently. While the sounds continued, Marchetti attempted to perform the EURO 2024 Draw.

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When a prankster disrupted the FA Cup coverage, making the same noise

Gary Lineker. (Source: ESPN)
Gary Lineker. (Source: ESPN)

Gary Lineker was reporting the 2022/23 FA Cup match between Wolves and Liverpool for the BBC in January 2023. As he was discussing the build-up to the match, a groaning sound began to play loudly, and Linekar couldn’t stop laughing. Daniel Jarvis, popularly known as Jarvo69, a prominent prankster, later claimed credit for the hoax.

The BBC later apologized for the noise and stated that it was being investigated. Meanwhile, the show’s presenter, Gary Linekar, justified the hoax, calling it a “funny prank.” He further stated that the BCC was under no need to apologize for the noises. Daniel Jarvis later posted a video of himself doing the prank.

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