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Lionel Messi attempted to stop police from beating the Argentina fans

A serious brawl erupted prior of Argentina's match against Brazil at the Maracana stadium.

Prior to the much-anticipated kickoff, a fierce brawl erupted between Argentina and Brazil fans. The game between the two teams was postponed owing to a large conflict between their fans. The game had to be postponed due to an intervention and subsequent ‘assault’ by Brazilian security agents. The Argentine players were spotted climbing the fences to approach the area where the incident was taking place in an attempt to halt it.

For the first time since the Copa America final in 2021, Brazil welcomed Argentina in the Maracan Stadium. Argentina won courtesy of a goal from Nicolas Otamendi in the 63rd minute.

The historic match was marred by an incident in the bleachers, in which Brazilian police officers were seen using batons and physical assault on the Argentine audience. The incident is said to have started when either team’s national anthem was played. Brazilian security officers approached the Argentine throng as a scuffle erupted. In response, visiting supporters threw chairs at the cops, who then stormed into the throng.

In an attempt to calm the situation, Lionel Messi and his teammates crossed the boundaries and approached the unruly crowd. Argentina keeper Emiliano Martnez was spotted defending himself against Brazilian police who were assaulting Argentina fans. There was a lot of activity going on.

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Argentina fan attacked by police during match

Argentinian fans are being beaten by the Brazillian police. (Source: Central)
Argentinian fans are being beaten by the Brazillian police. (Source: Central)

Prior to the start of the match, chaos broke out between Argentina and Brazil fans. Argentina fans were subjected to a ‘baton charge’ at the stadium by Brazilian police and security personnel. Several unwitting fans were subjected to a ‘baton charge’ by the police, as shown in a video of the incident. After being whacked with a baton, an unfortunate Argentinian was seen clutching his head.

According to accounts, Argentine supporters replied by hurling chairs from the stadium at police officers. Many people were injured, while others were spotted ‘bleeding’ as a result of the incident. Players from both teams attempted to intercede but were unsuccessful.

The game was then halted for more than 30 minutes as Argentine players went to the locker room. A game that saw 40 fouls, three yellow cards, and one red card was appropriate for the most ‘fierce’ rivalry in football, as many believe. Brazil, on the other hand, came up short, failing to win their second consecutive World Cup qualifier for the first time in their history.

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