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David Beckham did not meet with the Indian Football Team during his visit to India

Team India are in Kuwait for World Cup qualifiers.

David Beckham, an English football great, has visited India as part of UNICEF’s campaign for the current ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. He visited various key venues as part of his tour, but football supporters chastised him for not spending time with the Indian football team.

David Beckham’s travel to India coincided with his attendance in the India-New Zealand Cricket World Cup semi-final. Following that, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor and her husband arranged a dinner for him, which was attended by many other celebrities. He also met with digital content makers and internet influencers at the META office in Mumbai, which drew some criticism.

Beckham was chastised on social media for meeting influencers, which many felt was unnecessary. Former Indian player Syed Rahim Nabi believes Beckham might have influenced Indian football positively if he had spent time with local football personalities.

Nabi was dissatisfied with the AIFF for not facilitating such connections. This issue was mirrored when Ronaldinho visited Kolkata and chose to inaugurate Durga Puja over playing football. Beckham did, however, meet with Indian women’s team custodian Aditi Chauhan.

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Many ‘X’ users are expressing their outrage towards David Beckham

David Beckham with Shahrukh Khan and Ambani family. (Source: NEWS18)
David Beckham with Shahrukh Khan and Ambani family. (Source: NEWS18)

David Beckham was greeted warmly in Mumbai on his three-day visit, with a spectacular party organised by Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor. He also attended the ICC Cricket World Cup semifinals at Wankhede Stadium and spoke with digital content makers and social media influencers at META’s Mumbai office.

David Beckham’s visit to India and interactions with young Indian fans elicited strong emotions. His visit follows other high-profile recent trips by prominent international footballers, like Brazilian star Ronaldinho’s October visit to Kolkata.

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