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Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson will help Liverpool convince Jude Bellingham to transfer to Anfield in the summer

Pete O’Rourke of Football Insider reports that Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson might be instrumental in getting Jude Bellingham to join Liverpool. The Merseysiders are in the driver’s seat when it comes to signing the midfielder, albeit a transfer is still conditional on a number of conditions.

It’s been a hot topic of conversation as the season has come to a close about what will happen to Jude Bellingham. Borussia Dortmund owes a lot to the English talent that has propelled them into the discussion for the Bundesliga championship. As of the end of round 25, they have a one-point lead in the German standings.

Since signing with Dortmund, Bellingham has been a mainstay in the club’s success, with 10 goals and 6 assists so far this season. Many people have been wondering for the last six months whether he plans to keep living in Germany when the season ends. Several of the best teams, like Real Madrid, are still interested in signing him.

His skill warrants the attention of the top teams, but Dortmund’s asking price may prevent him from signing with one of them. The German team has not softened its negotiating stance and, in the case of Bellingham, they know the player is their most valuable asset.

As of right now, Ral Madrid and Liverpool are the two teams to catch. As such, they are not expected to pay the €150 million Dortmund may want, preferring instead to settle for a smaller amount. Given that signing Bellingham would set a new club record for both teams, it’s not that they are hesitant to pay beyond market value.

Likewise, Manchester United is keen on this pursuit and has been quite present so far. Liverpool, though, is the Premier League’s biggest draw. The Reds are the favourites to sign him at the moment, but it is common knowledge that they have limited financial resources.

Jurgen Klopp has already said openly that his team is not good enough to challenge Manchester City and Newcastle. As stated by the media, the 19-year-old would have to play in the Champions League for the club to sign him. Liverpool’s season may finish with them missing the playoffs.

But, Liverpool may need to do more convincing work with the midfielder before they can make Him their record acquisition. Pete O’Rourke is certain that Trend Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson can assist sway Bellingham.

Both of Liverpool’s starting players are good friends with Bellingham, and O’Rourke thinks they can persuade him to make the switch to Anfield. Whether or not it’s possible in modern football is up in the air, but it’s no secret that star players generally win out.

Throughout the summer, Bellingham may expect to get many attractive job offers. He’ll settle on one, and that may mean re-signing with Dortmund as the club tries to do. The transfer of the 19-year-old would result in a massive sum of money for the German club.

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