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Top 3 managers with highest spendings on transfers in their managerial career

Football Managers have always been a major part of the game. The team’s overall performances and the results that they achieve highly depend on the manager’s tactics and abilities to train it’s players in the best possible manner. A manager’s way to deal with his team and develop a balance in all departments of the game is something that determines as to how much success the particular team shall be able to achieve on the field under any sort of circumstances. Managers and their understanding of the game have helped their side achieve massive heights in the past. It’s time for us to have a look at the top three managers with highest amounts spent in transfers during their managerial career:

3) Carlo Ancelloti – €1.69 Billion

At no.3 in the list is Italian Professional footballer manager Carlo Ancelloti. The 64 year old who currently is the manager of Spanish club – Real Madrid has seen as much as €1.69 Billion being spent on transfers during his managerial career so far. Ancelloti who began his managerial career back in 1995 with Italian club Reggiana has won the Champions’ league with AC Milan and Real Madrid. One of the most impactful signings during Ancelloti’s time at Real Madrid was Gareth Bale in 2013.

2) Jose Mourinho – €1.86 Billion

Second in this list is Portuguese manager – Jose Mourinho. The current manager of Roma has been absolutely sensational so far in his managerial career. The manager has won the Champions’ league with Porto and Inter Milan. He also has won the Europa Conference league with Roma. A total of €1.86 Billion has been spent on transfers for far during his time as a manager. The most significant signing that was made by Chelsea under him was that of Didier Drogba, the man who lead them to the Champions’ league win in 2012.

1) Pep Guardiola – €2.04 Billion

At no.1 in this list is the most in form manager currently in the football world – Pep Guardiola. Man City’s manager has helped his team reach a different level altogether way ahead of the other teams in the recent past, thanks to his managerial brilliance. The amount spent by the clubs with him as a manager is €2.04 Billion. Guardiola’s most recent success in the Champions’ league with Manchester City came last season thanks to some individual brilliance by a certain Erling Haaland who signed for the club only last year.

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