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This Is What Declan Rice Will Do If Manchester City Pay More Than Arsenal

The Guardian dropped a bombshell today, with a report claiming that Declan Rice is caught in the middle of a bidding war between Arsenal and Manchester City. While the West Ham United midfielder’s preference lies with Arsenal, he would not hesitate to join Pep Guardiola’s side if they outbid the Gunners.

Rice’s talent has not gone unnoticed, with both Arsenal and City keen to secure the 24-year-old’s services. Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s manager, views Rice as a key target for his squad. However, Manchester City has already set the bar high by offering an impressive £80 million, supplemented with a further £10 million in add-ons. Despite the substantial bid, West Ham chose to reject the offer, demonstrating their desire to retain their prized midfielder.

This rejection has given Arsenal the opportunity to submit a more appealing bid. Now, Rice waits with bated breath for the Gunners to present an offer that meets West Ham’s valuation and brings him to the Emirates Stadium. The onus is squarely on Arsenal to make the next move.

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This Is What Declan Rice Will Do If Manchester City Pay More Than Arsenal

Despite Rice’s inclinations towards Arsenal, his future may lie with Guardiola’s City if they outbid Arteta’s side. The Guardian’s report stresses that Rice wouldn’t spurn City’s offer if they emerge as the highest bidder. The prospect of playing under Guardiola, a manager renowned for his tactical acumen, could be too tempting for Rice to turn down.

This ongoing saga underscores Rice’s stature in the footballing world. His performances for West Ham have turned heads in the Premier League, leading to interest from some of the biggest clubs in the league. His ability to anchor the midfield and his impeccable ball-winning skills make him a valuable asset for any team.

Declan Rice finds himself in a tug of war between two Premier League powerhouses. His preference for Arsenal is clear, but Manchester City’s financial firepower might sway the balance in their favor. However, the transfer story is far from over, with Arsenal yet to make their next move. All eyes are now on Mikel Arteta and Arsenal, as they decide how much they’re willing to invest in their pursuit of the talented midfielder. It remains to be seen whether the allure of the Emirates or the Etihad will prevail in this thrilling transfer saga.

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