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Replacing Antonio Conte with Maurizio Sarri has piqued the attention of Tottenham Hotspur

Replacing Antonio Conte with Maurizio Sarri has piqued the attention of Tottenham Hotspur, as reported by Il Messaggero.

This wouldn’t be the first time Sarri has followed Conte into a position; in fact, it’s happened many times before.

When he departed Chelsea in 2018, Sarri was brought in as his successor, and when he moved to Juventus the following year, Sarri inherited the core of that team. Although the transition from Conte to Sarri is dramatic, several players have already seen parallels between the two coaches.

Antonio Rudiger is one of the few players who has been vocal about his preference for Sarri over Conte. The German said that Sarri’s playing style is “far superior” to Conte’s, according to the Daily Mail.

The German player discussed the Italian’s tenure at Chelsea, mentioning the player. Right about now, a change of style is what the Spurs could need the most. The football being produced by Conte’s approach is not only ineffective but also terribly dull to watch.

“I played for Roma in Italy so I knew the way the manager liked to play and it was something I favoured. He wants us to press high compared to last season when everyone knows we sat back,” explained Rudiger.

“Now it is different. We create a lot of chances and for me, that’s very good. Mostly he likes the defenders to play the ball short and keep possession. I have shown so far I can do it but I want to improve every day. He is a coach who is not happy, he is always saying you can do better, and that keeps you alive,” he added.

Perhaps Spurs want to go in a different path because, as Rudiger noted in 2018, Sarri is different from Conte and his method does lead to higher chance creation.

Spurs supporters have been crying out for some lightheartedness in their lives, and Maurizio Sarri may provide that to the north London club.

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