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Ralph Hasenhuttl is a top candidate for the managerial position at Leeds United

iNews reports that Ralph Hasenhuttl is a top candidate for the managerial position at Leeds United. Hasenhuttl has been unemployed since being fired from Southampton at the end of last year, but a move to Leeds could see him back in the Premier League in short order.

Hasenhuttl would be taking over for a coach he is familiar with, Jesse Marsch if he were to accept the Leeds position. Hasenhuttl was impressed by Marsch when the two worked together at RB Leipzig while Marsch was the manager.

Hasenhuttl praised Marsch for his work at Southampton, and the sentiments were mutual. The former Saints head coach spoke highly of Marsch a year ago.

“He’s an outstanding character, he’s very close to the players. It was interesting to watch his development as a coach, I think the step he made was absolutely good. It’s the right way to go,” Hasenhuttl said.

Ralph Hasenhuttl’s appointment would be a gamble on Leeds’ part. They did recently fire one coach from the Red Bull stable, but Hasenhuttl is like a high-end version of Marsch, so they decided to give him another go.

While the Austrian’s method hasn’t worked for Leeds so far this season, it has brought him plenty of success in the past.

I like to think of Ralf Rangnick as the patriarch of the Red Bulls’ playing philosophy, and of Hasenhuttl as his trusted lieutenant. He has a thorough grasp of the system’s inner workings and has the potential to improve upon Marsch’s initiatives at Leeds. The outcome of this meeting is up for grabs.

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