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Here’s what Messi said after winning the Ballon D’or 2023

The footballing world witnessed Lionel Messi win yet another Ballon D’or award thereby strengthening his status as the greatest footballer of all time even further. The Argentinian player won an incredible 8th Ballon D’or much to everyone’s expectations due to his fantastic performances throughout the 2022/23 season.

The former Barcelona player was absolutely overwhelmed to have received the most precious individual award in the history of the sport. Leo vented his thoughts on how he feels after having clinched the first spot in the award ceremony yet again against the odds.

Messi gave the credit for his achievements to the Argentinian national team

Fabrizio Romano via his official revelation let everyone know what Lionel Messi had to say after having won the Ballon D’or 2023. The man who was not a part of the top 30 nominees of the award last year has stood first in the Ballon D’or rankings this year thereby taking everyone by surprise.

Messi made sure that he congratulated both Haaland and Mbappe for their wonderful performances throughout the last year. He said,“Haaland and Mbappé will win the Ballon d’Or one day”.“Erling deserved it very much too, he has won the Premier League Champions League while being the top scorer of everything. This award could have been yours today too…”.“I’m sure in the next years you will win it”. His humble character and affection towards the younger players of the current generation were pretty much evident from his words.

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He also made it a point to talk about the wonderful achievements that were made by the entire Argentinian team during the Qatar World Cup 2022. He said, “This award comes hand in hand with what has been achieved with the Argentina team”.“This is a gift to the players, coaching staff and the all people in Argentina”.

Lastly, Messi spoke about his boyhood club Barcelona as well letting others know that he still has a special place for the club in his heart. He said, “Of course, I follow Barça. It’s the club that I love and will love all my life”.“They have a great team. They’re ready to be able to fight for this Champions League. I have no doubt that they are a candidate”.“They just need not to much pressure”.

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