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Gary Neville has expressed his frustration over Manchester United’s recent poor games

Gary Neville is concerned about Liverpool's forthcoming visit to Anfield.

Gary Neville, a Sky Sports commentator and Manchester United great has always been passionate about his old club. He has always shown support for his team, even during difficult times, and has always said that his club would recover from any downturn. However, Neville has stated that he has little desire to see his team play.

Following United’s defeat against Newcastle United, Neville stated that he was weary of seeing his team play. He voiced his dissatisfaction with the club’s performances and the entire issue. He also stated that even though it was his profession, he did not want to cover any more Manchester United matches.

Gary said, “I’m bored. I have become tired of my club. I don’t want to do their games anymore, I don’t want to watch their games anymore and that is the saddest indictment that you can have of your football club when you become bored of watching them when you become tired of watching them. It is not just me, a couple of people in the last couple of weeks have said, ‘Enough’s enough’.”

Neville is a former Red Devil turned fan who sees potential issues, such as a lack of confidence among supporters and the media. He feels the squad regularly falls short and is unhappy with their performance.

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Manchester United is going through a difficult phase

Erik ten Hag and Jurgen Klopp. (Source: ESPN)
Erik ten Hag and Jurgen Klopp. (Source: ESPN)

The Red Devils’ situation is dire, and it might get worse. They are presently seventh in the league, with eight wins and six defeats. They have also failed to defeat any of the top eight teams. At the same time, they are bottom of their Champions League group, with Bayern Munich coming up next.

United now faces a difficult test in December. In just 22 days, they will face Chelsea, Bournemouth, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, West Ham, and Aston Villa. This will also be a make-or-break game for Erik ten Hag since poor performance might lead to his dismissal. Even though Manchester United is only 5 points away from a place in the Champions League.

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