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Everton wants to sign the Chelsea mdfielder Conor Gallagher

Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher has been linked to Everton, but the Toffees are having trouble convincing him to leave the Blues. There are reportedly a lot of teams interested in acquiring Gallagher this month, as reported by The Daily Mail.

There’s some question as to whether or not that would be a permanent transfer, but Gallagher has no intention of leaving Chelsea. According to the article, other clubs have reached out to attempt to recruit Gallagher, including Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Everton, Crystal Palace, and Newcastle United.

But as long as he remains in the running for Chelsea’s first team, Gallagher has no plans to leave West London. Under Graham Potter, Gallagher has seen regular time in the starting XI, and he is expected to keep up that role going ahead.

Since Frank Lampard was hired as Everton’s manager last year, there have been rumours that the club is interested in certain Chelsea players. So far, none of the rumours has come true, and it seems that the same will be true for Gallagher.

Gallagher resembles Lampard in that both are versatile midfielders who like to rush into the penalty area late in an attempt to score.

Gallagher acknowledged to BT Sport last year that Lampard, back in his Chelsea days, was his childhood hero. So, joining Lampard at Everton as a player may be very enticing to Gallagher. No doubt to Lampard’s chagrin as he tries to save his job now is not the time for such a move.

While Potter seems to have high regard for Gallagher, Everton’s poor play in the Premier League has put them in a relegation struggle. Since Gallagher won’t agree to that, Everton, Newcastle, and the other teams interested in signing the 22-year-old must look elsewhere.

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