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Eddie Nketiah has his views on his new deal with Arsenal

English professional footballer – Eddie Nketiah has signed a new deal with Arsenal lately. The negotiations that we’re taking place with regard to the player’s new deal have finally resulted in his new contract with the club. Eddie has given his views on his signing a new deal with club. The fact that the player is contended to stay at the Premier League club even further are pretty much evident from his words about the team as a whole.

Eddie Nketiah expresses his affection for Arsenal

Nkeitah made it clear that staying at Arsenal was a pretty straightforward decision for him to make because he loves the club right from the beginning. He said,”I signed new deal at Arsenal as I love the club. London’s home… but I’ve been an Arsenal fan all my life and that played a big part”.”Talking to the manager and the plans he had for me… I knew I wanted to learn, develop, help”, Nkeitah added.

Eddie Nkeitah who was born in 1999 began his senior career with Arsenal in 2017 at the age of 18. The youngster kept up the good work and as a result the amount of gametime that was being provided to him kept on rising with the passage of time in the league and other competitions as well. The striker has so far played a total of 142 matches for the gunners across all competitions scoring 34 goals.

Arsenal have been in fine form lately. The team finished second in the league last season. Following their wonderful performances in the recent past, the team will be playing in the Champions’ league for the first time this season in 7 years. The next major motto for the team will be to continue their fine run in the ongoing league season. The onus will be on the team’s current players including Eddie Nkeitah to help the side achieve its objectives hereon.

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