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Chelsea’s negotiations for Enzo Fernandez stops

Chelsea had attempted to acquire Argentine midfielder Enzo Fernandez via negotiations with Benfica, but the deal ultimately fell through.

The previous several days have seen Chelsea and Benfica negotiate a transfer fee for Enzo Fernandez. The transfer of the 21-year-old central midfielder seems to have fallen through. Cesar Luis Merlo reports that the Portuguese powerhouses want immediate payment of the €120 million release clause.

The Blues were willing to break their club record and pay more than the asking amount. Also, recent news reports stated the two teams had reached a deal. Chelsea, however, preferred an instalment payment plan in order to get the player.

In the next weeks, it will be exciting to watch whether Benfica gives in and agrees to resume discussions. The Argentinian international allegedly wants desperately to join the Premier League club. However, Chelsea has a lot of trouble releasing the €120 million.

To get him, the Blues were willing to go much beyond the asking price and set a new franchise record. And recent news reports claimed that the two teams had reached an understanding. While Chelsea wanted to sign the player, they also wanted to pay for him in instalments.

In the next weeks, we will see whether Benfica gives in and agrees to resume discussions. The Premier League team allegedly has a strong interest in signing the Argentine international. However, Chelsea has a lot of trouble releasing the €120 million.

Since he has already shown his value on the international stage, Fernandez will be looking to further his career with his club. It is unclear whether he will be able to complete the deal with Chelsea before the January transfer window ends since he would want to play for a team with a chance of winning big championships.

As one of the largest clubs in the world, the Blues have the means to compete for the highest honours in the sport. The transfer to England will allow Fernandez to further his playing career and compete at a better level.

Graham Potter may also have a significant effect on his growth. As manager of Brighton & Hove Albion, the Chelsea boss performed an excellent job developing several players. In addition, Fernandez will gain something from collaborating with him.

After the season, Chelsea may need to replace players like Jorghinho and N’Golo Kante. It’s no secret that they want to strengthen their midfield by signing top players. They have also been connected to Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham. What happens with Enzo Fernandez over the next several days is still up in the air.

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