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Bild TV host Valentina Maceri agrees, saying that Arsenal or Newcastle United’s deal for Moussa Diaby isn’t happening in January

Moussa Diaby has been linked to both Arsenal and Newcastle United, but a transfer this month has been deemed “unrealistic.” Bild TV host Valentina Maceri agrees, saying that a deal for Diaby isn’t happening in January. Maceri said that Leverkusen would have a hard time letting Diaby leave since he is one of their key players.

As with Mykhailo Mudryk, Maceri thinks Leverkusen may ask for roughly €100m (£88m) in exchange for the player. It was a close call, but Mudryk ultimately chose to play for Chelsea rather than Arsenal. Maceri feels Arsenal would benefit greatly from Diaby’s speed and skill, but she doesn’t see the possibility of a transfer happening in the first month of the year.

“I think it’s unrealistic. First of all because he’s one of the most important players for Bayern Leverkusen, and second, because he’s very expensive,” said Maceri. “So, we’re talking about the same price category as Mudryk who has cost around 100m euros so this will be the same fee for Moussa Diaby, so I think a deal with Arsenal is unrealistic. His contract with Bayern is until 2025 and for the winter I would say no.”

“I think he could fit very well into Arsenal. Especially because they have 20 games left and they really want to win their first title since 2004, they will need really good player and alternatives. I think he would be a very good alternative on the wings – that’s his strength. His strength is the speed, his technique, he is left-footed, he’s using his speed far wide and then going inside to shoot on target and I think this is what makes him a really good player and this is what could fit into Arteta’s XI,” she added.

In the previous 18 months or so, Diaby has been outstanding for Leverkusen. In 42 games for Leverkusen last season, the Frenchman slammed 17 goals and added 14 assists. This season, he has added eight goals and four assists. Dharmesh Sheth, a reporter for Sky Sports, said on Wednesday night that Arsenal had approached Leverkusen about a trade for Diaby but had received no response.

Arsenal have already moved on from Diaby and are reportedly eyeing a deal for Leandro Trossard, while Leverkusen clearly do not want to lose him at this time.

In the summer, though, Leverkusen may get offers to sign Diaby. Even if they win the Premier League, Arsenal may try to add another offensive player to Mikel Arteta’s ranks, since they haven’t yet signed Bukayo Saka to a new deal and Diaby would be a fantastic option.

Newcastle have also been interested in Diaby, and with few alternatives for Eddie Howe on the wing, the Magpies should make a bold move to get a new one at the season’s conclusion.

Although Leverkusen may feel secure for the time being, they should prepare for a massive offer for Diaby this summer. As a Leverkusen player, Diaby has been outstanding over the last year and a half.

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