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Barcelona’s Shocking Decision Regarding Real Madrid Sensation Sends Shockwaves through Football World!

The Ultimate Football Rivalry: Barcelona's Surprising Stance on Real Madrid Star Reveals Strategic Move to Avoid All-Out War!

In particular in Barcelona, where he is allegedly well-liked, the news of Marco Asensio’s impending exit from Real Madrid, on a free transfer no less, has raised eyebrows. The 27-year-old winger is appreciated at Nou Camp, but the Blaugrana don’t want to ignite a fight by making a bid for him, according to Mundo Deportivo (via Barca Universal).

Rumours of a transfer involving Asensio have been floating about the halls of Barca for some time. The acclaim extends well beyond the executive suite, too. Manager Xavi Hernandez and his technical team at Barcelona make no secret of their admiration for the Spanish superstar.

Asensio could theoretically fill a need in the starting lineup for the reigning La Liga winners and boost their competitiveness, especially in Europe. Despite the allure of these possibilities and the intimate links Mendes has established, the Catalan side has decided to pull back from the pursuit.

It’s not only so they can compete with bigger bids from teams like PSG and the Premier League’s best. They may have trouble coming up with an appealing deal, but it has nothing to do with their Financial Fair Play situation.

The actual game-changer is Barcelona’s deliberate choice to not ‘go to war’ with their bitter rivals, Real Madrid. A move for Asensio, particularly so soon after his departure from the Santiago Bernabeu, may be seen as an insult to Barcelona, according to the source.


Barcelona’s Shocking Decision Regarding Real Madrid Sensation Sends Shockwaves through Football World!

The Blaugrana would prefer to avoid a situation in which the capital club retaliates by making an offer on one of Barca’s star players. A major setback has been inflicted on the marketing strategies of Spanish football powerhouses Real Madrid and Barcelona. The famous clubs reportedly failed in their attempt to copyright the name “El Clasico,” which has come to represent their famed rivalry, from Relevo (via Football Espana).

The Spanish Patent and Brands Office apparently denied their application since “ElClasico” is already a registered motto for the La Liga. The two football powerhouses were working together for once to protect their ownership of this iconic term.

However, their attempts have been hindered, at least for the time being, since their motto sounds too much like La Liga’s official tagline. Real Madrid and Barcelona find themselves in a precarious position as a result of this ruling since they will no longer be able to utilise the word to drive marketing initiatives or increase TV agreements.

They still haven’t given up despite the loss. The clubs have one month from the date of this ruling to file an appeal. If it doesn’t work, they may try taking it to an international court.

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