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Barcelona and Real Madrid will be due a loyalty bonus of £870m

FC Barcelona & Real Madrid will receive €1 BILLION each from The Super League, as they're the only founding members.

Barcelona and Real Madrid stand to receive a staggering loyalty bonus totaling £870 million should the long-debated European Super League come to fruition. Recent reports have shed light on the potential windfall awaiting both Spanish giants in the event of the league’s establishment.

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Barcelona and Real Madrid could secure an eye-watering bonus amounting to £870 million if plans for the European Super League materialize, signaling a significant financial incentive for the clubs. The proposed European Super League has been a contentious topic, and while no formal initiation has occurred, the prospect remains a topic of discussion among football stakeholders.

the potential for Barcelona and Real Madrid to obtain this monumental loyalty bonus, signaling the deep-rooted financial implications tied to the proposed league’s establishment. The disclosure of such a substantial loyalty bonus underscores the financial allure associated with the European Super League. While opinions on the league’s formation remain polarized within the footballing community, the immense financial incentives for participating clubs are undeniable.

The potential injection of such an astronomical sum into Barcelona and Real Madrid could significantly alter their financial positions, potentially impacting transfer strategies, stadium infrastructure, and player acquisitions. As the debate surrounding the European Super League persists, the revelation of this colossal loyalty bonus adds a compelling layer to the ongoing discussions in the footballing realm.

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