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Alvaro Morata has his say on the offers from Saudi clubs

Atletico Madrid striker – Alvaro Morata has recently given his opinions with regard to the options that he had recently prior to the beginning of the current season. The player who had joined Atletico Madrid in 2022 has continued to represent the Spanish club in the ongoing season too. The player however had other options too, majority of which had come from none other than Saudi Arabia.

Morata says that he had many choices to make

Saudi Arabian football has undoubtedly taken the entire footballing world by storm lately. The club’s from Saudi have made some massive transfers that has drawn a lot of attraction from the fans from all across the globe. Morata who currently is a part of the La Liga also had offers from the Saudi clubs.

He came up with an unique elaboration when asked about the offers from Saudi. He said,”I had options from Saudi Arabia. I don’t know if the teams that want me are crazy or something, but I always have options!”.”If I were to go to Saudi, I’d say again that it’s my dream to play there just to mess with people who want to harm me!”,he added.

Morata who was born in 1992 began his senior career with Real Madrid in 2010 at the age of 18. He joined Atletico for the first time in 2018 on loan from Chelsea. After having spent a couple of seasons on loan at Juventus, he made a return to Atletico on a permanent deal in 2022. He has been a major part of the team thereon. He has scored a total of 22 goals in 52 matches for the side in the last two seasons across all competitions.

Atletico Madrid have been in fairly good form lately. The side finished third in the league last season below Barcelona and Real Madrid. With 77 points in 38 games, the team managed to cement its spot in the group stages of upcoming season’s Champions league. They will be desperate to get better results in the European competition this time after having finished last in the group stages of the previous season’s champions league.

The team’s major motto hereon will be to continue their fine run in the league and also perform significantly well in the champions league. The onus will be on the team’s current stars including Alvaro Morata to help the side achieve its objectives in the upcoming times.

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