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Alejandro Garnacho gives away a young fan match-worn boots

After the Everton game, Alejandro Garnacho gave his match-worn footwear to a little fan.

Alejandro Garnacho has made headlines again, only days after scoring a spectacular goal at Goodison Park. However, this time around, the athlete has captured the hearts of many people for reasons other than what he performed on the football ground. The footballer met a small child named George on his birthday and handed him his game-worn boots, which he used to score the bicycle kick against Everton.

On Sunday, Alejandro Garnacho debuted his new Nike AV Zoom boots against Everton in the Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo presented the latest version of his boots on social media barely 5 days before the game.

George was in tears following the encounter, saying: “I love you Garnacho. You’re the best in the World. “ On social media, a photo of the fan posing with the signature boots and poster was also shared.

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Bruno Fernandes spoke highly about Garnacho’s bicycle kick

Bruno Fernandes, Alejandro Garnacho. (Source: ESPN)
Bruno Fernandes, Alejandro Garnacho. (Source: ESPN)

The 19-year-old Argentine scored one of the Premier League’s ‘goals of the year’ against Everton. His goal in the third minute drew accolades from fans, analysts, and players alike. Speaking about his goal, Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes praised the kid and compared him to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The captain of Manchester United, amused, said: “The goal was amazing, almost like something that was out of this World. He’s probably watching too many clips of Ronaldo.”

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